Problems in sending BIG files

Have you encountered trouble when you are about to send big files via email to your recipient as end up getting this?


Yes! We have been there too, and its seriously frustrating, especially when you are in a rush and needs to get things done fast.

And here comes WeTransfer to save us all. Yes, its been quite some time in the market now, but for the benefit of us all, we would be covering this cool system.

WeTransfer in essence allows user to send large files (Yes, literally large – can send up to 2GB worth of files) to the recipient for free!

To use WeTransfer, its quite a no-brainer (even my mum uses this)WeTransfer_2.jpg

1. Upload your files in the “+” sign
2. Key in your recipient email in “Email to”
3. Key in your email in “Your email” (duhhh)
4. Type in your message for your recipient in the “message” field

Upload and Tadahhh! You have sent your file across.
(Please note: Your file would be stored in their server for 7 days)

Some Extra Tricks…

What if you need to send more than 2GB?

We got you covered!

i. Purchase WeTransfer Plus (From US$10/mth) and you can send up to 20GB each time! (We don’t think you need any space further than that)

ii. Another way is repeat the above step 1 to 4 multiple times to send the files across. (That’s us by the way – low cost method.

iii. If you do not want to be seen spamming your recipient inbox (refrain step ii), you can still send multiple 2GB files in a single email, just follow this step carefully.


-Using the above Step 1 to 4, send the files to yourself
-With the email received, copy the download links (shown in the picture below)
-Using the copied links from the multiple email from WeTransfer you sent to yourself. Copy into your new email draft to send to your intended recipient.

This way, you inconvenience yourself, so that you can save the trouble for your recipient, and also avoid any miscommunication with your recipient (Speaking from firsthand experience).

Let us know what you think of it too.

Should you have other good recommendations of related vendors, drop us an email. Let’s share to care.








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