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Too often we neglect the simple things in life that helps us in our daily work. And one such example is the wonderful feature in our keyboard – Printscreen.

The Printscreen features is such a simple yet often forgotten tool. We use it to capture ideas, collate information, prepare reports and the lists goes on. But, you can’t deny its usefulness (when you do it need though).

So, what if I say, Printscreen now is a notch better than before.

I was perhaps alittle dated on this, and was only introduced to this cool tool like recently!!?? Like seriously!

What Lighshot does for me and YOU?


As shown above, using the Printscreen feature, you immediately printscreen on the selected crop area which can be determine by you just by adjusting the edges(just like any crop tool)

In addition, Lightshot :

  • Allows you to upload
  • Has features to share on social networks (e.g Twitter, Facebook…)
  • Can search for similar images on Google (pretty cool stuff)
  • Can Print, Copy, Save your Printscreen

That’s not all! Lightshot also has drawing tools that immediately saves you the trouble of using another program should you require any drawing tools. For example, if you need to create direction on map.

Click on the Printscreen on your keyboard, select on the desired crop area
Click on the Arrow icon on the tools area.


Using your mouse, left click and drag the arrow in the desired direction and length.


Here is the outcome of a simple illustration with Lighshot using just 2 minutes of my time with all the illustration in place.


  • Windows / Mac computers
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

How do you know you downloaded Lightshot?


On the bottom of your desktop, you can click on the “hidden icons” arrow showing a list of other programs. If you see the feather like icon in the Red Box, you can be assured that Lightshot has been installed successfully.

Enjoy Printscreen-ing!

Let us know what you think of Lightshot too.

Should you have other good recommendations of related vendors, drop us an email. Let’s share to care.


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