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Free Stock Photos with Raydar!

People in the creative industry rejoice! The days of paying for stock photos are now gone.

Raydar is a stock photo engine that find the right images faster. It is also worthy to note that the team actually came in 1st in the IBM Watson New Venture Challenge 2016.

I chanced upon Raydar when I was browsing through an article about them. I beamed when I realised that the photos provided are free. Like totally!

So, since its free, we went on to try out the site. Here’s our opinion.

Best for

Free stock photos:

Marketers and Creatives would love this! You can possibly save tonnes of budget through this. A big majority of the photos are under the creative commons 0 license, thus, it is legally suitable for commercial usage for your branding campaigns.

Ease of use:
The site is pretty straightforward. Type in the things you are looking for, and out pops out the photos you need. Saving or downloading it also requires little effort too!

Let us know what you think of it too.


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