A day to the Botaks
URL: http://www.botaksign.com.sg/
Contact: 6286 2298
Email: info@botaksign.com.sg
Address: 22 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545535

Even though we now live in an age where technology reigns, it is inevitable that any businessmen would face: printed collaterals. How I wish I could just make do without them. Somehow, you could still need a physical printed namecard when you attend a networking event. We have yet grow to the age where we would possibly scan a QR code on our new friend’s phone at the networking session and get it saved into our contact list.

Ok, I stop my rantings. Botak Sign is actually a place that I can call them my saviour.

I’ve been to Botak Sign for afew times and possibly one of the better digital printers in town. What I meant as better is the level of efficiency in quoting, production and most importantly – price!

Best for


Quoting was done pretty quickly as long as you know what they have and what you want. They have a pretty elaborated system the last time I went there and they could just quote on the spot if you are there.

Not much of a qualm for a digital print quality. They practically do everything on digital print.

Best known for their prices. They are the main guys to go for should you be on a tight budget.

Botak Sign is possibly one of the few printers that knows that value of time, of course, since they offer mainly digital printing. So, no need to worry if you have an event in a weeks’ time, unless you in need of collaterals within 24hours.


Should you have other good recommendations of related vendors, drop us an email. Let’s share to care.


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